High School Bike Bus

I love coming across stories that show teens being resourceful and inventive. This video showcases a group of teens who started a “bike to school” movement in their town. The kids in their club get up extra early and meet to bike to school together for both safety and educational reasons. While it isn’t particularly “wild”, it’s kids getting outside and pushing themselves to think about the environment and the world beyond their bedroom and classroom walls. Awesome.

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Inspiration: Aaron Teasdale’s 6-week Family Bikepacking Trip

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada


     In what he described as a “monumental undertaking”, Aaron Teasdale, a Montana based writer-photographer, took his two young sons on a 6-week mountain bike backpacking expedition from Glacier National Park in Montana, to Banff National Park in Canada.  Teasdale and his sons rode a massive triple-seater mountain bike, which allowed the two smaller boys to keep up with their father, but caused them to have to invent some tricky bike maneuvers to get over the many fallen trees that blocked the rough trail they were following.  His wife Jaqueline accompanied them and towed along a BOB trailer that contained much of their gear and food. Check out these links below to follow his journey and see pictures of a VERY cool family-style mountain bike.

How We Did It

Aaron Teasdale: Weblog

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